Mammogram – the boob squeezer!

Have you ever had a procedure or test done where a body part is tightly pressed between two pieces of plastic? Did you ever wish to participate in such a test? Is your answer “Hell No”? Yeah me neither but unfortunately all us women will have to “grow a pair” and take the plunge. As for myself I am too young for a mammogram… at least that is what the doctors say but really why am I TOO young? My great grandmother died from black lesions on her breast so why shouldn’t I be concerned? The doctors have told me time after time that I should only be concerned if my grandmother or mother have had breast cancer, both which have not. However, I still have this eagerness in myself to be aware of what possibly problems could arise within my body.

I used to be an intern with J.C. Blair Memorial Hospital here in Huntingdon. My position was a special events coordinator and I mostly dealt with the Pennsylvania PinkZone Campaign ( In that moment in my life the last thing I was concerned about was whether or not my boobs had small tumors or if they could some day be infected with a deadly disease but that internship changed my life. During my internship I was planning trips to local high school’s basketball games to raise awareness of the PinkZone as well as raise monetary donations. This experience allowed me to interact with many people who had either been a victim of breast cancer or had known someone with it. All of their stories and personal experiences caused a changed within myself. Not only did it show me how cancer does not care who it affects but also how we as women can make a difference.

Me at the Southern Huntingdon girls basketball Pink Zone game.

Me at the Southern Huntingdon girls basketball Pink Zone game.

The women that were buying the pink shirts or the sparkly, flashy, pink hats were proud to fight this war. In fact there were even men who were all decked out in pink. Breast cancer awareness is the most recognizable cancer awareness there is but yet women still choose to not help in the fight. Every time a woman goes to get her yearly mammogram is giving to the cause. Its allowing for doctors and research to help find a cure and beat this awful perpetrator.

So what I’m trying to get at is this… it doesn’t matter whether your great aunt had breast cancer or if the women who comes to monthly reading group has breast cancer, it will probably affect you or someone you know within your life time. However, if you are a woman reading this make sure you take the proper precaution such as yearly mammograms or self exams in order to health fight this war. If you are a man, make sure to support this fight! Its not easy having to expose your boob to cold metal place in order to protect yourself but you do what you gotta do! So next time you debate on whether or not to make the call for your mammogram just remember your not only helping save yourself but also the lives of others!


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